All butter christmas trees

Puff pastry Christmas trees

Real butter puff pastry Christmas trees, half-chocolated and decorated with golden musket.


Poinsettias mix

Crispy butter assortment partly decorated with chocolate and colourful musket.

Kerstkransjesmix chocolade

Christmas wreath mix

Assortment of chocolate and almond wreaths.

Kerstbomen koek assorti

Christmas trees with sugar

Assortment of crispy Christmas tree biscuits sprinkled with white or silver sugar.

Reuze kerstkoek choco

Giant Christmas cookie

Large brittle butter biscuit covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with white, green and red musket.


Yule roll

Soft rolled sponge cake with a cocoa cream filling, covered with a cocoa fantasy and sprinkled with icing sugar.


Almond wreath

Butter Christmas wreath covered with almond shavings.

Reuze kerstkoek met grein

Giant Christmas cookie with sugar sprinkles

Large, crispy buttercream biscuit sprinkled with festive sugar sprinkles.