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100% family business

Since 1962, our biscuits have been baked with passion and craftsmanship. As a family business, Biscuiterie Seghers stands for premium quality, flexibility, reliability and a personal, open and honest relationship with the customer. This way, everything is and remains hunky dory.

Biscuiterie Seghers - assortiment

Our bakers taste everything

Everyone bakes their cake the way they want to eat it. At Biscuiterie Seghers, we aim for long-term, sustainable cooperation. We work closely with our customers to create a product that fully meets their needs. Our professional, creative and innovative approach to developing new products makes us a unique partner.


Het prille begin van Biscuiterie Seghers in 1962. Een foto waarop de oprichter staat in bakkersuniform.


Biscuiterie Seghers was established by Hubertus Seghers and his wife Lea De Baere. The family business is established in Tielrode, near Temse. The bakers there produce industrial pastries, mainly the famous coconut macaroons without chocolate.

Biscuiterie Seghers gebouw 1981


The biscuit factory in Tielrode is too small to meet the growing demand. That year, Biscuiterie Seghers moves into a larger factory in Temse for the production of coconut pastries, pastry rolls and puff pastry products on semi-automatic production lines. Biscuits are still baked every day in this biscuit factory.

Biscuiterie Seghers - Kaasvlinders


After the sudden death of Hubertus, Lea takes over the daily management of the biscuit factory. This together with her very young sons, Pascal and Joris. They will focus on further modernising and automating the production process.

Foto gebouw biscuiterie Seghers 2007


Biscuiterie Seghers continues to grow. That is why we built a completely new office building. In addition, the production halls and the warehouse are also upgraded. In the same year, Euro Pâtisserie takes over Van Doorn Bakkerijen in Spijkenisse.

Biscuiterie Seghers - Mergpijpen


Biscuiterie Seghers takes over the Dutch group Euro Pâtisserie. As a result, the biscuit factories in Temse, Apeldoorn and Spijkenisse now form one company and the family business almost quadruples in size. That is how it becomes one of the top 10 largest biscuit companies in the Benelux.