Zeeuws rondje

Zeeland circle


Tasty brittle margarine biscuit according to traditional recipe.


Sugar wreath


Fine brittle wreath covered with a layer of sugar.


Nougat circle


Crunchy biscuit filled with pieces of caramel.

Mini knapkoekje choco

Mini biscuit with chocolate


Thin and crispy biscuit with a base of chocolate and covered with a fine layer of sugar.


Oak leaf


Crispy golden-brown autumn cookie in the shape of an oak leaf. 


Coffee biscuit


Biscuit with mocha flavour, goes wonderfully with a cup of coffee.




Sublime speculoos with a pleasant bite.

Amandel speculaasmolens

Almond speculoos mill


Brittle speculoos in which pieces of almonds are mixed through the dough.

Reuze karamelkoek

Giant caramel cookie


Large crunchy biscuit with pieces of caramel.



Ginger biscuit


Brittle biscuit covered with a layer of fresh ginger.

Chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookie


Delicious chocolate biscuit with extra chocolate pieces for the ultimate chocolate ecstasy.

Reuze knapkoek met chocolade

Giant cookie with chocolate


Large brittle biscuit with chocolate base, covered with a fine layer of sugar.